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Store Policy

Customer Care

Here at The Storrior Box, we care about you - our community of brave Storriors - and helping you grow, thrive, and succeed. So, check in with us. Let us know the items you loved, the items you didn't, and ways in which we can improve as a company, and an asset in your dramatic writing career. We were created to help, and we'll be here to help as long as you all keep us around. 

Privacy & Safety 

The Storrior Box will never, ever, EVER share your contact or payment information with anyone, full stop. It's just not our game. We put our subscribers first in everything we do and that will never stop. The Storrior Box will never contact you for sensitive, persional information. If you receive such a message, please contact us immediately. 

Payment Methods 

Payment Methods 

- Credit / Debit Cards 
- Offline Payments

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