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What is it really that makes a character tick? Every character has to have an external goal. That's what motivates the story. But, what is it that is really and truly driving your characters? Their inner needs. The holes in their soul they need filled before the end of the story. Learn all about inner needs and how to craft the best ones for your character with our Inner Needs Box.


Items include: Remote controlled color changing lightbulb to set the mood, a copy of Psychology for Screenwriters by William Indick, safely get into your feels behind our Storrior Box blue light blocking glasses, heavy duty Emotional Baggage A.K.A. inspiration canvas tote, Inner Needs tutorial binder sheet, Learn Your Industry Players Career Challenge (for a chance to win a free box!), link to Storrior Box's exclusive Inner Needs Spotify Playlist, and an invitation to an exclusive Q&A with author and psychologist William Indick.* A $135.00 Value.


*For updated password information for past Q&As, please contact


$39.00 Regular Price
$19.50Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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